Northern Triangle May 2019: What does it mean to love ourselves?
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Suggested Meeting Topic: Loving Ourselves
References from Hope for Today (B-27): Pages 34, 123, 245, 303, 310

Questions from Blueprint for Progress (P-91): Pages 60-62

References from From Survival to Recovery (B-21): Pages 45, 101, 236

“We learn self-love by being loved by our families, but sometimes those families don’t have it to give. When stress and irritability caused me to binge on self-pity, resentment, and festering anger in emotional outbursts, the amazing Al-Anon members loved me unconditionally. They told me the truth, sometimes with rigorous honesty, but love shone through in each comment. They literally loved me until I could love myself. I believe this is potent human evidence of the spirituality of the program.” From Survival to Recovery (B-21), page 236

Member Sharing Experience, Strength and Hope:

September 18, 2018

This letter is to myself–for that part of me that doesn’t believe or feel lovable, worthy or enough.

Susan, you are beautiful inside and out. You are smart, skilled, talented, creative, and willingly happy to share with others these parts of you. You are not perfect–you are human. A woman with healthy wants and needs. You deserve people that choose to be with you as you are, and if not, it is not a reflection of you–they are just unable, incapable. You, Susan, are a lovable, desirable woman. You have a great sense of humor and your INTJ personality type makes you uniquely you. Embrace yourself the way God made you.

You’ve come so far in your recovery these past few years. Keep doing what you’re doing–you’re doing great! You deserve joy and happiness and the blessings [your Higher Power] has set before you (He’s made them especially for you). Share them, pass them on to others. When you see the light in others, your light shines bright and someone special will see you. Find you!

You have a lot of growing to do yet, so remain patient. In God’s time–He promises you great things. Keep your chin up, your eyes and ears open, and your heart on God. You deserve to be loved and to share your love. YOU ARE LOVED. It’s okay to have to repeatedly turn your things over to God–He will gladly take them back each and every time. You have strength. You are not a bad person. You are not boring. Be brave and keep working on opening yourself up and letting others see you. But remember to look and see them also. God Blesses You!

P.S. Be gentle with yourself.

–Susan, Grand Rapids

Of Interest to AFG Meetings
Do your long-time members “translate” acronyms for newcomers (WSO, WSC, LDC, etc.)? Acronyms can make new people feel excluded from the group. Here’s a list of commonly used Al-Anon acronyms. (You must log in to the Minnesota North website to access.) Download it and ask your members to take a group conscience whether or not to make this list a meeting topic every once in a while.
Area Meetings and Stories
Your home group has a story to tell! Area Newsletter Coordinator Evelyn F will travel to interview longtime members, report on group history, hear your current events and outreach efforts… Whatever is important to your home group. You can also email with anything you’d like to share with other groups in our area. With more than 120 active meetings in Minnesota North, we have many stories to tell.
District 11 (Duluth, Cloquet, Superior, Hermantown, Grand Marais, Carlton, Moose Lake, Lutsen)
District 11 is planning a workshop for the fall! Topic: Communication. Stay in touch for more details as decisions are made, and consider carpooling to attend. Find a meeting in District 11
District 6 (Aitkin, Brainerd, Little Falls, Cross Lake, Baxter, Eagle Bend, Ironton, Nisswa, Isle, Long Prairie)
District 6 is thinking about starting a new meeting just south of Brainerd. If you or a loved one lives in that part of the state, let District 6 representative Carol M know of your interest. Find a meeting in District 6
District 9 (Hibbing, Grand Rapids, Nashwauk, Lawrence Lake, Deer River, Bigfork)
District 9 welcomes a re-started meeting in Bigfork, Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. After a short hiatus, Al-Anon folks are gathering again! Find a meeting in District 9
Minnesota North Area World Service Committee (MN-AWSC) Highlights
MN North Delegate Fred H gave the Delegate Reportback from the World Service Conference (WSC) on May 11 in Walker. A full interim assembly report will be available on the Minnesota North Area Website, but here are some highlights:

Sixty-seven delegates from the United States, Canada and Mexico attended the World Service Conference meeting. It was the first time the meeting was conducted in three languages: English, French and Spanish. This was Fred’s first year attending. The World Service Office released two new Public Service Videos for areas/districts to distribute to local TV stations and other media outlets. Contact Peter G (Area Outreach Coordinator) to find out more.

There are 14,551 active meetings in the U.S., Canada and Mexico! The WSO is operating at a financial deficit again this year; if all groups contributed an additional $8 a year, the WSO would be in the black. Fred is on the “Reaching and Unifying Rural and Large Geographic Populations” committee, which is of great interest here in Northern Minnesota.

At the Interim Assembly, Fred asked attendees to split into workshop groups to consider the question of how to Encourage Service. Are we “attractive” in encouraging Al-Anon members to step up for service? A summary of thoughts will be available at Fall Assembly in October.

Remember, all members of Al-Anon are welcome at Interim Assembly and Area World Service Conference meetings, not just those formally involved in service positions. Carpool!

World Service Office Highlights
A newly revised Fact Sheet for Professionals is now available from, the World Service Office website. Take a look, share in your meetings, and consider using this sheet for outreach in your district!
Minnesota North Events
These links are for registered members. Please register or log in on the Minnesota North Al-Anon website to access. If your group/district has a special event coming up that’s not listed here, please let the Area Newsletter Coordinator know by emailing

June 1 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

June 6 Split Pitch Potluck: Calvary Evangelical Free Church, Walker MN. Meal at 7 p.m., Al-Anon speaker Kaye Z of Walker at 8 p.m. followed by AA speaker Jeff W of Omaha, NE.

June 29 6th Anniversary Ladies of the Lake Open Meeting: 303 South 9th Avenue West, Virginia MN (mark your calendars; more details to follow) 6:30 p.m. potluck, 7 Al-Anon Linda H from Hibbing, 8 AA Lisa T from Andover

July 6 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

July 5-7 6th Annual Crow Wing River 3 Legacy Campout: Motley MN (Call BR for directions 218-296-1512). First come, first served for tent camping, so arrive early. Check in Friday starting at 1 p.m., potluck at 5, speaker at 7; Saturday potluck at 6, Al-Anon and AA speakers at 7; Sunday 10 a.m. open meeting.

July 12-14 A Weekend With Bill and Lois: 36944 Camp Hiawatha Road, Deer River MN. Please preregister.

August 3 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

August 9-11 Keep It Simple Weekend: Camp Chicigami on Pleasant Lake, Eveleth, MN. Friday registration at 5:30, supper at 6:30, speaker at 7:30. Saturday breakfast, meetings, lunch, recreation, supper at 5, speakers at 7. Sunday breakfast then speaker at 10 a.m.

August 24 Fall Area World Service Committee Meeting: 105 Tower Avenue, Walker MN

September 7 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

September 21 (mark your calendars; more details to follow) Lawrence Lake Open Speaker Meeting (District 9)

October 4-6 Minnesota North Area Al-Anon/Alateen Assembly (mark your calendars; details to follow)

October 5 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

November 2 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

December 14 2nd Annual Evergreen Festival: St. Andrews Lutheran Church, Grand Rapids, MN. Potluck, dessert auction, speakers. More details to follow.
Conference Approved Literature Highlights
From Survival to Recovery (B-21) Price: $16.00
Al-Anon adult children tell their stories. Explores the long-term effects of being raised with alcoholism, and why Al-Anon can help. Indexed. 303 pages.

Order this CAL through the LDC or by visiting the Al-Anon Store directly. Please don’t order Al-Anon literature through! Support the World Service office by ordering direct!

Download the CAL order form
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