Northern Triangle April 2019: What does love mean?

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Suggested Meeting Topic: Love

References from Courage to Change (B-16): Pages 2, 42, 136, 301, 313, 340, 355

References from Intimacy In Alcoholic Relationships (B-33): Pages 51-52, 67, 84, 101, 104

“As I have freed myself to deal with resentments, I have also freed myself to feel a broad range of other feelings, including love. It is a joy to be able to unreservedly tell my wife that I know now what love is, and I love her.” Intimacy In Alcoholic Relationships (B-33), page 52

Member Sharing Experience, Strength and Hope: When I first came to Al-Anon, I knew I still loved my husband, but it was more of a “concept” than an actual emotion. I spent my first two years in the fellowship detaching from his using and re-learning how to honor myself.

I was instantly accepted and loved by Al-Anon friends. They saw in me what I had forgotten: I was always a person of joy, action, kindness and compassion. My need to control my husband had turned me into someone who had temper tantrums, shouted and lectured, or held angry silences for weeks at a time. Al-Anon people never saw me acting badly, so they treated me with love immediately.

After two years of prayer and meditation, talking with my sponsor and working the Steps, I made the decision to let go of my husband completely and asked him to leave our home. At the time, he made many desperate and empty promises to avoid that consequence of his addiction and then had his own spiritual awakening a few days later in jail.

We are still together and he has stayed sober. I loved him the whole time. Even when I acted badly, I did what I did because I loved him. With the lessons I learned in the fellowship of Al-Anon, I get to love him as he is now and as I am now. Evelyn F, Grand Rapids

Of Interest to AFG Meetings

Did you know there is a “group responsibility form” that tracks your group’s annual financial contributions and expenditures? Download it and ask your members to take a group conscience whether or not to implement.

Area Meetings and Stories

Your home group has a story to tell! Area Newsletter Coordinator Evelyn F will travel to interview longtime members, report on group history, hear your current events and outreach efforts… Whatever is important to your home group. You can also email with anything you’d like to share with other groups in our area. With more than 120 active meetings in Minnesota North, we have many stories to tell.

Minnesota North District Highlights

District 6 (Aitkin, Backus, Baxter, Brainerd, Crosby/Ironton, Crosslake, Eagle Bend, Garrison, Little Falls, Long Prairie, Malmo, Nisswa, Staples, Wadena)

On December 9th, 2018 the Upfront Club in Brainerd MN hosted a Sponsorship workshop. This workshop was an Al-Anon/AA event. The turnout was amazing–standing room only! The leader of the workshop came to us from the Eagle Bend area of MN. He spoke to us on the history and importance of sponsorship within our programs. The Big Book of AA was referenced throughout the workshop. This was a very enlightening workshop. Fellowship continued after with a potluck and visiting. A call was made by many for more information and a second workshop was requested.

Find a meeting in District 6

Dstrict 11 (Lutsen, Cloquet, Moose Lake, Superior, Duluth)

District 11 has had outstanding success with their quarterly open speaker meeting. Attendance has increased from 12 to 60 members and guests. This shows what perseverance, reliability and responsibility can do to help carry the message!

Find a meeting in District 11

District 9 (Hibbing, Nashwauk, Lawrence Lake, Deer River, Grand Rapids)

On Feb 17, 13 AFG members completed 110 Kleenex package Love Gifts, 16 boutonnières plus 4 gift bags for Winter Rap-Up, and shared 4 pizzas plus dessert in 3.5 hours. A very good day! On February 8, 18 people stuffed 43 envelopes for school districts with 25 Alateen chat room slips each, assembled 323 bathroom projects, and decorated 24 flour sack dish towels for Winter Rap-Up door prizes, then baked & shared 7 pizzas, all in 3 hours. Another very good day!

Find a meeting in District 9

Minnesota North Area World Service Conference (MN-AWSC) Highlights

MN North Delegate Fred H will attend the Al-Anon WSC in Virginia Beach, Virginia April 13-17, 2019. The theme is: “Action Is Attraction–There Is No Growth In the Comfort Zone!”

Read the invitation letter to Fred from Debbie L. G., chairperson of the AFG Headquarters Board of Trustees. Why should you share this letter with your home group? Debbie and Fred are trusted servants and they are having FUN in Al-Anon service!

Details about “love gifts” exchanged by WSC delegates attending Virginia Beach conferences.

Mark your calendars for a local road trip: AWSC Delegate Reportback is scheduled for May 11, 2019 in Walker, MN. (More details to follow.)

World Service Office Highlights

Read the World Service Office’s Finance Update from Joan S, Treasurer. Why should you share this in your home group? Your financial participation in supporting World Al-Anon activities doesn’t end with the appeal letter. Every member of Al-Anon gets a say in how the money is allocated by your trusted servants.

Minnesota North Events

These links are for registered members. Please register on the Minnesota North Al-Anon website to access.

April 6-7 Minnesota North Area Al-Anon/Alateen Assembly: Chase on the Lake, 502 Cleveland Boulevard, Walker MN

April 6 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

April 26-28 74th Superior Roundup: 4700 Tower Avenue, Superior WI. Please preregister.

April 30 Babbitt Open Speaker Meeting: 20 Acacia Road, Babbitt MN

May 3-5 Iron Range Get-Together: 1402 East Howard Street, Hibbing MN. Please preregister.

May 4 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

May 18 Celebration of Recovery Roundup: 1300 3rd Street North, Waite Park MN. Please preregister.

June 1 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

June 29 6th Anniversary Ladies of the Lake Open Meeting: 303 South 9th Avenue West, Virginia MN (mark your calendars; more details to follow) 6:30 p.m. potluck, 7 Al-Anon Linda H from Hibbing, 8 AA Lisa T from Andover

July 6 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

July 12-14 A Weekend With Bill and Lois: 36944 Camp Hiawatha Road, Deer River MN. Please preregister.

August 3 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

August 24 Fall Area World Service Conference: 105 Tower Avenue, Walker MN

September 7 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

September 21 (mark your calendars; more details to follow) Lawrence Lake Open Speaker Meeting (District 9)

October 5 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

November 2 Mora Speaker Meeting and Potluck: 200 West Maple Avenue, Mora MN

Conference Approved Literature Highlights

NEW! Intimacy in Alcoholic Relationships (B-33)
Price: $11.00

Members share their challenges with all aspects of intimacy–physical, emotional and spiritual–in all relationships affected by the family illness of alcoholism. Indexed, softcover. 144 pages.

Order this CAL through the LDC or by visiting the Al-Anon Store directly. Please don’t order Al-Anon literature through Amazon!

Need conference approved literature for your home group? Support the Minnesota North Literature Distribution Center! Save money on shipping by picking your order up at Assembly. Pre-order by March 1 or September 1. Otherwise, orders are filled by volunteers on Thursdays, and the Duluth LDC is closed in summer.

Email any time to find out when they’re open. Don’t forget to say thank you to these dedicated volunteers!

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